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State-by-State Special Education Contact List

This guide includes hyperlinked phone and email contact information for each state’s Department of Special Education, including Guam and Puerto Rico.

Wednesday Webinar Series

Each Wednesday throughout the summer, I will upload an on-demand webinar on YouTube covering IEP topics such as accommodations, goals, etc.


July 25, 2020 @ 2:00 EST/EDT

Streamlining the IEP Progress Monitoring Process 

Are you a new Special Education Teacher who is still learning about the IEP porcess? Would you like to learn an effective way to conduct Progress Monitoring? I am holding a virtual training session on effective ways to simplify your Progress Monitoring system. The methods and resources I share can also be used in the event your school conducts virtual learning for the upcoming year.

Parents of students with IEPs are welcome to join this training, as you may have some questions regarding how to determine if your child’s IEP goals are appropriate and whether they are making progress. You can also use the resources to monitor your child’s progress throughout the year.



The IEP Meeting Navigator (Ebook)

Join my email list to get notified of the ebook release date, free webinars, and other IEP-related resources.



During my first year as a classroom teacher, I recognized early on that Special Education programs

Photo by Amaya A. Seward

were not operating as effectively as they should. Due to various factors, kids with Special Needs and their parents (sometimes even their teachers) do not receive adequate services and support.

After homeschooling my three children for several years, I eventually found my way back to a Special Education teaching position. Not much has changed; however, I have decided to be more intentional about encouraging parents to become knowledgeable and confident advocates. This is the only way we will see meaningful change for students with Special Needs.

I’m back. Rested. As determined as ever.


  1. Monise, lovely to ‘meet’ you! I have heard you interviewed and wanted to thank you ~ on so many fronts. I am a trauma worker and educator in the Pacific Northwest and have a small care package our Institute would like to send your way. Might you have a mailing address you’re comfortable sharing? Also, wanted to invite you to help inform this convo I’m having tomorrow with Michele from the ACLU. In case you and your comrades would like to share questions or if, once recorded, it may be of support to the grown ups around you? Holding you and your community in my thoughts. With Gratitude, Laura

    • admin

      Hello! Thank you for listening to the podcast and taking the time to reach out to me. I am so grateful, as I am really trying to get myself together before school starts. Today was a rough day. This message has made it better. I will email you my address!

      Thank you again,


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